Monday, February 9, 2009

Doo Wop - Mixtape Kingpin ( FEDS )

Pushin Tapes with Tapemasta...Doo Wop - Mixtape Kingpin ( FEDS )

I'm feeling good today, so I figure that I can could give you something to enjoy whether its rnb or hip hop. One of the legends of the mix tape game can still rock with the best of today. So now, let me just drop that 2 for 1 on everybody. Last time, I got download history doing a ol skool hip hop on Doo Wop, so let me dig thru the collection & pull this out for the masses..When was the last time you got a blend from Wop or even a mix tape. I'm not even going to say what's on these tapes..Just enjoy & have some fun with a legend. The reason for doing this tape was to prove to Puffy that the djs are needed reguardless what you say & now i can prove it with this tape..Stop getting those fly by night djs & get some real djs who can rock the parties..Get rid of the ipod dj's & bring back the creation of the mixtape/parties...Enjoy the download !!! See what made the 90's soooo great..Big Chew & Dimez ( ), my partners in crime..let's go !! To my blog brothers & sisters, let's have some fun !!!

Peep the track list HERE


S.O.U.L. February 9, 2009 9:35 AM Reply
Yo man this is heaven your the mixtape king.

Hevehitta February 9, 2009 11:13 AM Reply
Ahh Tape you were telling me about this on the phone. Good shit!

Brandan E. February 9, 2009 5:20 PM Reply
another rarity Tapemasta!! yo when did this came out?

Andyman187 February 9, 2009 7:20 PM Reply
You did it again Tapemasta! If you haven't heard the 1200 Hobo's - Tapes Skills & Techniques, stop by my blog and grab it. Side A is some ill shit!


  1. This is magic, Tapemasta!! I've bought several FEDS magazines when I've been these 3 last years on holidays in summer in New York, I like them too much!! They're so ghetto, haha.

    But Doo Wop, he is the mixtape beast, as you've said, he could be the inventor of the mixtape game, no doubt.

    Thanks, Tapemasta, for your knowledge and generosity.

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  3. damn beat me to the i just mailed this joint to brandan to post on regognize the real...but thats why your the librarian! Can you hit these cats with some chill will next? mixtape heads need to know bout him!

  4. Todd1, were ( Rapmullet, The Foundation Mag, Pushin Tapes ) working on a special project now ( Mixtape Honors )& hopefully other djs from the past will come out..But i got you on the Chill Will though...

  5. unreal. so much exclusives. like a mixtape from a parallel universe.