Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mixtape Legend - Kool Mike Ski

How many of you remember Da Bronx Bomber ?? I'm sure some of you don't remember him, but guess what i'm bringing him to the internet now with this mixtape..His r & b joints was classic in the streets of NY..Matter of fact, my next few drops will be on the r & b djs who rocked the streets & the internet..How many of you remember I Get High ( rmx ), What's My Name, Oh My Goodness, Hey Y'all..As you see the cover & it says "Touchin' All Bases"..Yes, you guess it, i'm going to do that also !! See ya on the next one !!!

Mixtape Legend - Doo Wop

I'm sure everybody knew about this mixtape, but you know how i do when it comes to these mixtapes..I could do this forever, watch what i do next week with my next drops on the blog world. Anyway, everybody knows Doo Wop is my partner in crime & i could continue dropping mixtape after mixtape & still don't stop..Puffy can't stop my reign & now you get see why i do this now..Canibus freestyle, Lord Tariq freestyle can show you why mixtapes should last forever !!

Mixtape Madness - PF Cuttin

I'm really on that old school stuff today..Matter of fact, PF is from my hood & the internet was loving what PF was dropping back in the days..So i figured why not drop some fire on the masses, this was one of the most popular bootlegged joints on the streets of NY..Remember when people was rocking Diary Of A Madman by Gravediggers, Funky Child by LODU, Broken Language by Trigger & Smooth Da Hustler..

Mixtape Madness - DJ Break

This time we rocking some of the old Eminem shit & we know that DJ Break can rock a mixtape..
Every now & then we need to hear some good stuff from a rapper. The whole mixtape is mixed correctly & believe me, you'll get something special if you missed it when it first came out..Once again, i got to shout the djs who really rock those mixtapes & now the internet is going to know alot of you now..Enjoy this one !!

Mixtape Madness - Green Lantern

Once again, it's time to bring back that old school flava & something which you probably forgot about..This time i'm bringing out something that most people probably already know about. But i'm showing you that Green Lantern really has that old school feel in his mixtapes..Henceforth, the throwback joints..When was the last time you heard Funky Enough by DOC, Afro Puffs by Rage, One To Grow On by Umc's..Green we need to get this type of music back into the air, enough of those Myspace Invasion mixtapes..This is going all over the place !!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mixtape Madness - Murda Mixtape V4 Hosted by Capone-N-Noreaga

This is becoming too easy, but once again the "public" asked for something & you know i had to do it..Murda Mixtape V4 is what you get !! Now relive the great times of a mixtape & see what the masses was going crazy over..I can't wait to drop more of those classic mixtapes like PF Cuttin's 90's Hip Hop, Danny S The Main Focus, Ty 15 Feat Ron G Diggin For Classics..Believe me, there's alot of mixtapes for the blog world to see !!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mixtape Madness - Murda Mixtape V5 Hosted by Prodigy

Now you get to see what made mixtapes famous..Stretch Armstrong was doing the damn thing back then..I can continue bringing those different mixtapes which made a impact in the streets & the internet even back then..This joint was hosted by Prodigy ( Mobb Deep ) & i needed to bring this out because somebody on SOUL's blog wanted Murda Mixtape V4 & that's coming next. Enjoy the streets of NY on this mixtape !!
Brandan ( Recognize The Real ), Let's go !!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mixtape Madness - Ron G

The mixtape legend is back on his grind with this new mixtape for the masses worldwide..Hip hop can't forget about his mixes series, which made him famous..As you can see, he can still keep up with the current crop of mixtape dj's..check out the You tube & the mixtape..There's more to come for 2009 by Ron G...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Luv Bug Starski & The Lost Boyz - Live At The Karate Club

Here's a legend of the hip hop world, Luv Bug Starski..The man been doing his thing for over 25 years & still going strong today. Hip hop can never be the same & some people will realize why..

I got to give props Pos2 ( ) for dropping the old school hip hop done by the legend..So i figured let me drop something special for the masses worldwide. Imagine rocking with The Lost Boyz & Luv Bug on the mic..Pure History for the "Blog World"..I won't even tell you what's on the Veterans double cd or Break Beats cd..Maybe, i'll drop that one on the "blog world"

Download Link

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pushin Tapes - Dirty Harry

What do you know about rocking on WTMT.FM & able to drop all the mixtapes you want on the internet. Well, today you get to see how to do & watch the masses go crazy. Look for mixtapes like this & see how the creation of mixtapes evolve into something more than others imagine. I told people last year that I could do this forever & people tried to come & copy what I do. So now, I drop nothing but classics on you & remember I know people don't have these tapes anymore. So I get to talk shit & just drop classic after classic. ( just put my name next to it when you put it on your site, blog or ebay )..I'm taking back what's mine & that's it !! See you on the next one...SHOUTS To My People: Chew & Dimez, SOUL, Brandan, Andy, DJ Pos, Marioka, Ol Skool ( Don't leave yet, let's have some fun ), DJ Soul ( BK ), Bzrwon, DJ Books, Chivato, Smooth Denali, Neil Armstrong, Miami Kaos, Jay Z, Lebron James, Unexpected & Hevehitta ( ), DJ Showtime, Doo Wop, Diggers Union Crew, LXG Crew...

Loyal 2 Da Game V2 - DJ Grand Imperial

Here you get a blast from the past..DJ Grand Imperial ( R & B Catastrophe )..For those people who don't know..I'm about to take you on that magical journey & let you feel that vibe on what we was rocking just a few years ago..
SOUL, let's go playa !! We could do this every hour !!
No Playlist, just rock with it !!

Loyal 2 Da Game - DJ DareDevil

This was a good mix & if he can continue doing his thing with the mixes..DJ's on the other side of the world look out !!! Imagine if he was to do a 80 min mix..straight classic material, i look forward for the next release from him !!
DJ DareDevil : Hey wassup people ? Here is a new mix I did this week , I haven't done one for a long time , Its a selection of Hip Hop Classics ...please download and give me some feedback !! here's the playlist....1. DareDevil Intro 2. Royal Flush - 'Dwelling In The Rotten Apple'(juggled)
3. Master Ace - 'TopTenList' 4. Sadat X - 'The Interview'(juggled) 5. Bumpy Knucles and Pete Rock -'Mind Frame'(juggled + freestyle scratch) 6. The Beatnuts - 'Find That'(juggled)
7. Gangstarr - 'Gota Get Over'(juggled) 8. Notorious B.I.G - 'Kick In The Door'(juggled)
9. Shades Of Brooklyn - 'Survival War' (with freestyle scratch) 10.Gage ft Cella Dwellas 'Cranium Remix'(juggled) 11.Redman - 'Whateverman' (over original beat,Mic geronimo men vs many instr,keith murry the rhyme instr + with freestyle cuts)
Download here ....

Neil Armstrong - Bittersweet

This was one of my favorite joints by neil..I remember meeting him at Fatbeats in NY & he was asking me about the mixtape game..I told him what was the positives & negatives..The man came off lovely & i'm proud of what he did & how..I was rocking his joints before alot of people knew what was up with him & i kept telling him to drop those mixtapes..Even Daddy Dog wanted to get into it..Believe me, the whole Fifth Platoon is very artistic on what they do with the turntables..I still rock my Fat Boys t-shirt today, that Neil gave me at the bbq.

. Boy Meets Girl
01 My Cherie Amour - Stevie Wonder
02 Shake You Down - Greg Abbot
03 Don't Look Any Further - Dennis Edwards
04 Kiss Of Life - Sade
II. Patiently Waiting
05 Let's Wait A While - Janet Jackson
06 Very Special - Debra Laws
07 Lady In My Life - Michael Jackson
08 Tenderoni - Bobby Brown
09 Love's Holiday - Earth, Wind & Fire
10 Sweet Thing - Rufus & Chaka Khan
11 Don't Go - En Vogue
III. Til The Breakadawn
12 Let's Get It On - Marvin Gaye
13 Close The Door - Teddy Pendergrass
14 Sweetest Taboo - Sade
15Ooh La La - Teena Marie
16 I Like It - El DeBarge
17 Sexual Healing - Marvin Gaye
18 Tainted - Slum Village
IV. Every Waking Moment
19 Golden Lady - Stevie Wonder
20 Electric Relaxation - A Tribe Called Quest
21 For The Love Of You - Isley Brothers
22 All I Do - Stevie Wonder
23 Break For Love - Raze
V. Pain
24 Heard It Through The Grapevine - Marvin Gaye
25 Where Is The Love - Donny Hathaway & Roberta Flack
26 After The Love Is Gone - Earth Wind & Fire
27 Lately - Stevie Wonder
28 A Dream - El DeBarge
29 All Cried Out - Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
30 Ex Factor - Lauryn Hill
31 Saddest Day In My Life - Wayne Wonder
32 One Step Ahead - Aretha Franklin
33 Missing You - Diana Ross
34 She's Gone - Hall & Oates
35 She's Out Of My Life - Michael Jackson
VI. Letting Go, No Holding Back
36 I Love You - Mary J. Blige
37 Before I Let Go - Frankie Beverly & Maze
VII. Back In The Saddle
38 The Beat Goes On - The Whispers
39 Rocksteady - The Whispers


Battle Of The Boro's - Hip Hop Finest

It’s the question that pits borough against borough. Nearly four decades after the first deejays mixed beats on turntables and created a revolutionary new sound, Brooklyn and Queens both lay claim to the title of Hip-Hop Capital. While the Bronx is most often credited as the birthplace of rap, Queens spawned a slew of early pioneers, such as Run DMC, and continues turning out industry leaders, including Nas. “Queens is the mecca of hip hop,” Orville Hall, owner of Hollis Famous Burgers/Hip-Hop Museum, said at a ceremony Thursday celebrating the neighborhood. “Pound for pound, Hollis has contributed the most music to hip hop.” Not so fast, say Brooklynites on the other side of the good-natured dispute, who point to the dominance of rap impresario Jay-Z and the staying power of the Notorious B.I.G., still selling albums more than a decade after his death.
“Brooklyn brought you Biggie and Jay-Z. End of discussion,” said Bedford-Stuyvesant native Josh Carr, 35. “Sorry, Queens, you aren’t on our level.” New York’s hip-hop rivalry stretches back to the early ‘80s, when MC Shan’s song “The Bridge” — about hip hop’s roots in Queensbridge — prompted rapper KRS-One to attack Shan in the song “South Bronx.”
For James Peterson, a Bucknell University professor who teaches courses on hip-hop culture, the Bronx is the undisputed point of origin. But the breadth of talent coming out of Queens since the 1970s is undeniable, he said. “Queens has outstripped most other regions in terms of its dedication and contribution,” he said. Attendees at Thursday’s celebration at Hollis Famous Burgers — adorned with Run DMC’s first gold and platinum records and Jam-Master Jay’s turntables — agreed. “We had everyone from Compton to Japan to Harlem trying to get like Hollis,” said DMC, who attended the event. Recently, though, the conversation has shifted to include Brooklyn, since the influence of Jay-Z and B.I.G. has been so far-reaching.
“Name me any rapper from Queens that meant as much to hip hop as Biggie and Jay-Z. You can’t,” said Bedford-Stuyvesant resident Sheed Irwin, 22. Peterson said the ongoing rivalries only illustrate hip hop’s staying power. “The ways in which we have had this battle since the beginning suggest to me the power of the culture,” Peterson said.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hevehitta & DJ Unexpected - The Undertaker

I can't front on this release, we might have the cd of the year right here..If you got tapes from Dirty Harry, Green Lantern, DJ Break, Dub Floyd ( i got the cd & you're back kid ), Double R, Juice, Rondevu..This joint will be in total rotation for years hand down..Nobody is doing it like this period..Reefer Madness is one my favorite cuts ( Barry White is still the man )..Once you hear Many Men, watch how your thinking start changing on 50..Hands down, DJ Unexpected is the most creative mixtape dj right now..Can you imagine him & Dub Floyd doing a Jadakiss mixtape ?? The real champs is back on some real shit now & i can't wait for the next release !!
Check out for some the team other releases !!
Hevehitta: Well it’s finally here! Exclusively on the Diggers Union word press first, here is 50 Cent The Undertaker for free download. Unexpected, MKW, and myself put a lot of work into this CD and I hope all of you appreciate it as much as we do. I would advise anyone who listens to this CD to play it all the way through with out stopping. This is 50 Cent’s life story that has been re-created into mixtape form. If you would still like to purchase a hard copy for your collection, please go to or Hit the jump for track listing and download links. Peace.
..::Track Listing::..
01. Crossing Him Is A “Grave Mistake”Scene 1: The Beginning

02. The Year That Changed His Life

03. Growing To Be Rap’s MVP *Scene 2: A Hustler’s Ambition

04. The Only Solution (Feat. Notorious B.I.G) *

05. Is A Hustler’s Dream For Success (Feat. Marvin Gaye) *

06. Bringing “Reefer Madness” (Feat. Barry White, KRS One, Channel Live & Jigsy King) *

07. But Don’t Get Caught Up As A Suspect (Feat. Tony Yayo)Scene 3: A Mentor And A Friend

08. The DJ Saved My Life

09. He Aint No “Regular Joe”Scene 4: Just A Kid From 134th Street

10. I’m A 134th Street Allstar (Unreleased Freestyle)

11. And I’m Realer On The Street, Than I Am On Wax

12. I Showed These Rappers “How To Rob”Scene 5: I’m A Survivor Of The Streets

13. You Cannot Kill Me

14. Though Many Men Wished Death Upon Me *Scene 6: The Definition Of A Wanksta

15. What Is A Wanksta?

16. Real Men Don’t “Backdown” !#

17. Or Your Life Will Be On The Line *

18. I Rock Wilder Than The Average (Unreleased Freestyle)

19. That’s Me (The Realest In The Streets) (Unreleased Freestyle)Scene 7: He Ain’t Got Game

20. I Gave You The Game

21. But He’s Not Rich, And Still LyingScene 8: I Created His Own Funeral

22. Where In The World Is Camron?

23. He’s At His FuneralScene 9: The Biggest Disappointment

24. His Career Is Dead

25. Cuz I Put A Hollow Thru Him (Feat. Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo)

26. Last Time You Fuck With My “Piggy Bank” !Scene 10: Stunting Like His Daddy?

27. You Two Must Be “Part Time Lovers”

28. Too Bad Your Daddy Can’t Make A Hit

29. You Want Me To Die Ugly?

30. Nigga, Now I’m On Your HeelsScene 11: Mr. Police Academy

31. Talk About My Baby Moms?

32. I’m Going To Fuck Up Your Life For Fun

33. Plus You Won’t Believe What Tia Told Me

34. Even Your Man Knows You’re A FraudScene 12: What’s Beef?

35. Bringing The “Heat” To Any Battle !

36. Cuz You Gonna Get “Shot Down” #

37. Now Your Bloodclot Mouth Is Permantely ShutScene 13: I Run This Shit Man

38. I Get Money, Money I Got *

39. You Know I “Get It In” !

40. Cuz I Aint Never Gonna Fall Off !Scene 14: Headed For Self Destruction

41. Signed, “The Nigga You Love To Hate”

* = Remixed By DJ Unexpected For Diggers Union Local 1200! = Remixed By MKW For Hook And Eye Productions# = Remixed By Hevehitta For Power Kingdom Productions

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spinbad - We Need A Resolution

This tape was completely onpoint & that's no lie..I've known Spinbad since the times of The Technitions days..His JMJ mix still make waves even today..If you can pick up The Classics V3, jump at the download..The man has skills & once you hear what he drops..that's it !! You're hooked !!! Thanks to Bzrwon of for jumping at this classic mixtape..
Part 1

Part 2



01. Ghetto Intro

02. Miss Ghetto

03. Easy Star

04. Strictly Mashion (Thief Mix)

05. Rock Dis Funky Joint

06. Self Styled Wisdom

07. Nobody Move

08. The Very First Time (Unreleased)

09. Word Iz Life

10. Shakiyla (1st Verse)

11. Shakiyla (Thief Mix)

12. Speaking Upon A Blackman

13. Each One, Teach One

14. Conscious Style feat. Krs-One

15. Conscious Style (Novus Remix)

16. Allies feat. Fugees

17. Culture Freestyle

18. Wise Freestyle feat. Ralph McDaniels

19. Holy Intellect (Remix)

20. Butt Naked Booty Bless

21. Word Is Bond (B-Side)

22. Wicked Everytime

23. Freedom Or Death

24. Time To Say Peace (Remix)

25. Wise Interview

26. The Nations Anthem

Download Link

Once again, the gods are on the mic & DJ Books is giving us a taste of what we use to rock back in the days..Pure hip hop at its finest !! PRT is in the house now !! Thanks to SOUL @ for the download !!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Mixtape Legend - Dexterity

Twenty-something odd years ago, God blessed this Earth with one of the most profound, prolific Reggae Mix Tape DJs in the game---Dexterity. Dexterity, a New Jersey native, has elevated the mix tape genre to another level with his unique style of deejaying, and anyone who has been a witness of his work, knows that when Dexterity takes control of the turntables, he makes sure that his skills are commensurable to none. Undoubtedly, Dexterity has the mix-tape game on lock, and that is in part due to his deep rooted passion for music and his belief of giving the people what they want and that means a good, solid product. “My style is unique; by the way I play records, the remixes that I do (one of the first to do Hip-Hop Reggae Remixes). I make sure that my joints flow and that every song on the CD is banging. I also go back and specifically place each sound effect (explosion, gun shot, sample, laser) to where they sound like they belong when the listeners hear them, I may be anal but not every laser or sound effect sounds hot on certain songs, and the same thing is applicable for Hip-Hop Reggae, not every hip-hop track sounds good on any reggae accapella” Dexterity states. Dexterity is by no means your run in the mill average DJ, he holds a master’s degree from NYU in Music Business and owns a production and management company---Binghi Mon Productions Inc. and Reloaded Entertainment. His performance roster ranges from touring with the Fugees, as the DJ for Refugee Camp Reggae artist, Spida, The Ultimate Mix Tape Concert that featured other heavy hitting DJs such as Dirty Harry, Ron G and DJ Clue, Labor Day Weekend Jam Featuring Dexterity and Dirty Harry, countless of Club appearances throughout the U.S. to being nominated for “Best Reggae Mix Tape DJ” from 1996-2004 at the Mix Tape Awards Show in New York. Most recently he won the SEA (Southern Entertainment Award) for best Reggae Mix Tape in 2006, Won for Best Reggae Mix Tape DJ at the Justos Award Show (Apollo Theater) and was nominated for Best Reggae Mix Tape (Beenie Man Mix CD) at the SEA's in 2007. He has also worked with various artists in the studio such as, Elephant Man, Sean Paul, Bounty Killer, Wayne Marshall, Mr. Easy, Ward 21 and T.O.K. It would not be an understatement to say that Dexterity has the mix tape art form right where he wants it, and that is a result of his hard work and dedication to his craft. “I never slack off, no matter what. That is how people fall off, they become too complacent. I appreciate what I have and I went through a lot to obtain it, and I plan to keep it,” Dexterity exclaims. Dexterity has been in the mix tape game since 1995 and has been one of the main Reggae Mix Tape DJ's since he got in the game. It is no surprise that, Dexterity---which means skillful or handy, has lived up to his pseudo. He is skilled beyond words when it comes to using his hands to create beautiful music, that when heard, takes over the body and the mind. He plans to continue to use his musical talents to make things happen. What the future entails for this marquee Reggae DJ, he will continue to give the people bangin’ mixed joints, work at getting his artist six figure deals and start producing tracks for major recording artist. If interested in Reggae and Hip Hop Reggae Mix CDs, interviews, club or college bookings contact Dexterity at: or 1-877-332-6499. The website address is Also check for

Mixtape Legend - The Legendary DJ Showtime

Early in his teens, Showtime began working as an opening DJ in Harlem , NY learning and perfecting his craft. By the time he reached his early 20's, he was already making an impact on the Hip Hop world as a prominent figure behind the turntables. Influences like Brucie Bee, Kid Capri, Love Bug Starski, Hollywood , and a host of others made Showtime a more focused DJ, realizing that the power to make crowds move and shake was phenomenal. It was at that point that Showtime started making mixtapes which helped promote his skills on the tables to the likes of Urban America. Showtime honed his skills to which he was able to gain residency in several Hip Hop clubs. He also was considered to be a part of NYC's first DJ clique, Hard Pack, which was founded by mixtape promoters, Rock and Will. The Hard Pack become one of the best known organizations in mixtape history, gaining national fame in The Source Magazine, Rap Pages and on MTV's Yo MTV Raps, which was hosted by Fab 5 Freddy. The mid 90's were crucial for Showtime because this was the time in which major defintion took place in his career. Showtime's mixtape sales were high in volume ( Titles like Love Jones, The Mack, The Power & The Glory, Hand Grenade, Chocolate City ) and that led him to become one of the most highly respected Mix Tape Dj's in his time. He is still remembered as one of the pioneers of the mixtape arena and recognized as one of the top club DJ's in New England. In 1997, Showtime became a Mixshow DJ at WNEZ JAMZ 910 AM. His show, The Friday Night Thunderstorm, took the airwaves with an extreme and influential acceptance. His career exploded on a commercial radio level. In 2000, Showtime was also awarded Urban Network's Mixshow DJ of the Year. Showtime is also a part of one of the most influential organizations of DJ's in the field of music today known as the CORE DJ'S. Showtime is also proud to have been a part of Power 104.1 and was heard Mondays through Fridays at 12 noon for the Back In The Day Buffet, and Sundays doing BACKSPIN alongside Smith Brother DJ Drake, it has become the most POWERFUL show on the airwaves today playing ALL of your requested Back In The Day Hip Hop and R&B tracks. Having over 5,000 venues under his belt, Showtime is a true LIVING LEGEND. NOW EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT FROM 6-10PM YOU CAN CATCH HIM ON HARTFORD'S HIT STATION KISS 95.7 PLAYING EVERYTHING YOU WANNA HEAR AND THEN SOME!!! CHECK IT OUT..

Showtime's Favorite Mixtapes

Doo Wop 1/1, Money Train, 95 Live Series

BuckWild 10/3

Hardpack Series

Showtime Love Jones, 33 1/3 Unstoppable 1, 2

D Demo 11/19

E Bros Live @ Jackie Robinson Houses

Fidel Reggae Series

Triple C-ALL

Starchild #5

Hollywood and Brucie B Live at the Rooftop

The Mos Crew #1-28

Lord Finesse (ALL)

Chill Will FTE Masterpeace Series

S&S NIggas Aint Shit

Kid Capri Castle Series

Get High Crew Live @ Foster ProjectsTheodore Live@ Randy's Place

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mixtape Legend - Ron G

I heard that the internet was looking for me..Well, I needed to get that well deserved vacation that was promised to me. The Virgin Islands was very relaxing & people was more friendly there than in the states. Now I'm back harder than before..Let me show you why I'm considered the mixtape librarian. How many people have this tape or Clue 8/15, E Brothers 11/20, Starchild 8/25/90..Once again, I'm back on my real hip hop shit & the copy kats that tried to come out & say they're reviewers or writers - I see you & I'm about to put a stop to it..I started this with King Apex because hip hop albums was "corny" & mixtape dj's needed a outlet to shine. I've seen the explosion of the "blogs" & what the people was doing & I commend them to the fullest..So here's my gift to you !!! The Youngest In Charge, Master of the H & R Funk, The Waterbed Crew.. RRRRRoooNNN GGGG !!! Watch me, go download heaven again !! If you see Ron G in the salute that man & tell what his mixes did for you. Once again, I got to shout out Big Chew of Rapmullet Fame ( ), Brandan ( Recognize The Real ), SOUL ( )..these fellas keep me on my toes !!


Once again, the kid J Period is back with his unique style of mixtapes..This time he rocks us with the Native Tongue ( Q Tip ) & believe me, after you rock with this mixtape..You'll be looking for J Period's other releases ( Biggie, The Roots, Big Daddy Kane, NAS & other hip hop mixtapes ).

This mixtape is really good & i'm kinda glad he took us on that trip just to let the internet world & the streets know on why the "game" need quality mixtapes & not those mp3 joints..See ya, on the next one !!! PS: Check for the March 9th mixtape ( Biggie ), straight classic fiya for that ipod !!

Down load link below

Mixtape Honors ( The Foundation Magazine )

This is not an awards ceremony. Instead we are looking to create an atmosphere of celebration rather then competition. No rappers stuffing mixtapes down DJ's throats, and no press harassing people for drops (of course Dimez, Chew & Tapemasta will be there though). Email B Mack for more info (if you are a mixtape DJ) at

Dj's ( Past & Present ) need to come out & see what we can do together as "family"...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Doo Wop - Mixtape Kingpin ( FEDS )

Pushin Tapes with Tapemasta...Doo Wop - Mixtape Kingpin ( FEDS )

I'm feeling good today, so I figure that I can could give you something to enjoy whether its rnb or hip hop. One of the legends of the mix tape game can still rock with the best of today. So now, let me just drop that 2 for 1 on everybody. Last time, I got download history doing a ol skool hip hop on Doo Wop, so let me dig thru the collection & pull this out for the masses..When was the last time you got a blend from Wop or even a mix tape. I'm not even going to say what's on these tapes..Just enjoy & have some fun with a legend. The reason for doing this tape was to prove to Puffy that the djs are needed reguardless what you say & now i can prove it with this tape..Stop getting those fly by night djs & get some real djs who can rock the parties..Get rid of the ipod dj's & bring back the creation of the mixtape/parties...Enjoy the download !!! See what made the 90's soooo great..Big Chew & Dimez ( ), my partners in crime..let's go !! To my blog brothers & sisters, let's have some fun !!!

Peep the track list HERE


S.O.U.L. February 9, 2009 9:35 AM Reply
Yo man this is heaven your the mixtape king.

Hevehitta February 9, 2009 11:13 AM Reply
Ahh Tape you were telling me about this on the phone. Good shit!

Brandan E. February 9, 2009 5:20 PM Reply
another rarity Tapemasta!! yo when did this came out?

Andyman187 February 9, 2009 7:20 PM Reply
You did it again Tapemasta! If you haven't heard the 1200 Hobo's - Tapes Skills & Techniques, stop by my blog and grab it. Side A is some ill shit!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Unexpected - Under The Influence ( Big Daddy Kane vs Jay Z )

Under The Influence (Big Daddy Kane Vs. Jay Z). This is not a "beef" CD, but rather a story telling adventure between Big Daddy Kane and Jay Z. The majority of the CD is remixed by DJ Unexpected, plus you get rare unreleased material from both Brooklyn emcees. This CD has been in the streets for over 5 years, and is still being sought after today. This is definitely a collectors item for all Hip Hop fans. If you are looking to purchase a hard copy, you can contact DJ Unexpected at -

The Teacher & The Student (Intro)
Rap Fan, You've Been Scooped Like Ice Cream*
WKVH RadioJay- Z
B(l)acks out with a Moment Of Clarity*
To get some Dirt Off His Shoulder*
December 4th, 1969 was the start of his*
99 Problems*
A Public Service Announcement- his name is Hov*
His is BIG (Bed-Stuy's Finest)*
His is Big Daddy Kane (Bed-Stuy's Finest Part 2)*
All 3 Were Sucessful with their Takeover*
But everyone said Jigga's My N***a*
Even when he was rocking the 1995 Freestyle*
He always guaranteed "You'll get the Best Of Me"*
The Fans still scream, "Give It To Me"*
Because you Can't Knock The Hustle*
Even though What We Do is wrongBig Daddy Kane
He's The Man, The Icon*
Any Type Of Way you want to put it*
He started out Just Rhymin' With Biz*
While in The Cypher (Part 3)*
He wondered How You Get A Record Deal?*
That's Word To The Mother(land)*
He killed The Symphony*
He did warn you Ain't No Half Steppin' around here*
Every time he's in The Session, it's guaranteed heat*
He always promised to stay R.A.W.*
And Set It Off whenever it was necessary*Rare & Unreleased Tracks
Always the ladies man, Kane warned you about Female Trouble (Feat. Biz Markie)
Remember, this is For Your Own Concern (Unreleased song-1987)
At the same time, Jay-Z knew he had High Potential; so he screamed HP Get Busy
(Jay-Z's 1st appearance on record-1986)
The Jaz and Jay-Z reminded you 4 years later that they were The Originators of the fast Brooklyn flow
He ventured off on his own 3 years later and asked Original Flavor "Can I Get Open?"
The next year, he reminded Kane that he can Show & Prove
But Kane will always be remembered for being R.A.W. first (Featuring Kool G. Rap- Original Version)
With all this in mind, you decide Who's #1? (Outro)* = DJ Unexpected Remix